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VW Golf Jetta Beetle TDI - ALH 01M automatic to 02J 5 Speed Swap

Automatic to 5 speed swap

This is an under construction document showing how to swap an 01M to a 02J transmission in a 1999.5-2003 Volkswagen Jetta or Golf. This document does not detail the coolant flange change.

Digi Sport Performance can do this service. Expect 3 days for us to complete a swap for you. call us at 214-257-8221 if you would like to be scheduled.

Suggested Order of Operations

We usually do the Computer and Electrical first. Then move into swapping the shifter assembly since your hands will be cleanest for the interior work, test to make sure everything is working, starter clutch interlock, reverse lights, and cruise clutch interlock. Then we swap the transmission and axles. Fill the Coolant, and transmission then test drive the car, making sure the cruise actually works and all gears shift smoothly.

Table of Contents